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About us

There is music in everyone. We all walk to a different beat in our hearts. It is what makes us all unique. I have always been a great fan of music and to all music my appreciation is spread. I enjoyed the many vessels music has been used, through out the years. It can tell you how you grew up and where. It can tell you stories of great love found and or lost. It can be cocky or proud which ever word you prefer. It may not need words but sounds that are produced from are fingers following that tempo lead by our hearts. is more than just a recording studio. It is my way of giving back the appreciation to music. By teaching those who enjoy music how to truly cherish and own music. It is away to give those a chance to live out their dream by every note, every dance step and every editorial cut. I want to not only create music but give life to new music and give music a new meaning to those who work so hard for it.

In many ways music is profitable like the late and great Tupac said “make a dollar out of fifteen cents.” For me I prefer quality over quantity. If you want to give music your best shot, I will return a favor and give the best of my abilities to you. Whether recording a new song or old, or If you need to get ready for a show, I will make it happen. If you have a media project that requires talent that you don’t have I will make it happen. When your ideas have scattered into many plots, I will help you to connect the dots.